Addressable advertising promises to let marketers reach different households as they watch the same TV program. After years of developing the technology and common measurement standards, cable operators are preparing to expand their addressable advertising offerings in the next year.

“Addressable advertising at scale is here. We’re actively working to on-board programmers for some early-stage activity both in the linear space and the video-on-demand space,” Beth Crotty, executive director at Cox Media, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “We’ll be lighting up our first few programmers in a matter of weeks. We expect to see it at scale next year.”

As part of the On Addressability consortium with Comcast Advertising and Charter’s Spectrum Reach, Cox has worked to develop a scalable solution for addressable TV advertising. The group last month released a playbook to provide more information about addressable TV advertising for buyers and sellers of media.

“The experience regardless of who you’re buying from should be consistent, and things like audience segments should be standardized,” Crotty said. Cox works with demand-side platforms to help extend its reach and offer a wider inventory than what’s available on local cable systems.

Local Advertisers

The coronavirus pandemic has hurt many small- and medium-size businesses that were either forced to close temporarily or may not be seeing as much foot traffic as they used to. Amid the financial hardship, spending on local advertising is forecast to decline 6.1% to $140.4 billion in 2020 from the prior year, according to BIA Advisory Services.

As the economy recovers, addressable advertising has the potential to make television more accessible to SMBs whose media budgets are more limited than those of mass-market brands. Those advertisers may have focused their marketing efforts on other kinds of media channels like print, direct mail, digital display, internet search or social media.

“Local advertisers are savvier. They understand that they have advertising solutions that don’t require a media rep walking them through the solution,” she said. “They’re aware of the ways they can reach their customers beyond just a traditional medium. Solutions that allow them to reach their customers in an effective, efficient manner is incredibly important.”

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