For many, the deprecation of third-party cookies by Mozilla, Apple and, soon, Google’s Chrome comes as the end of a chapter in online advertising.

But it is also the beginning of a new era.

A new IAB report, The State of Data 2020, reveals how the crumbling of cookies is fuelling several new trends:

  • US spending on third-party data in 2019 was up 6.1%, a slowdown from previous years, as marketers got concerned over the impact of cookie deprecation on the value of third-party data.
  • But spending on processing, managing and integrating first-party data grew 9.8%.
  • Privacy and regulation concerns have relaxed, causing a decrease in associated technology.
  • Investment in advanced TV data reached $700 million, up 19.5% from a year earlier.

For Orchid Richardson, VP Global Partnerships & Product Marketing at IAB Tech Lab, the cookie moves are the driving factor.

Advanced TV benefits

“I believe that the investment in advanced TV has a lot to do with the interest of the cookie transitioning and going away,” she says in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“Brands, advertisers, marketers are leveraging the advanced TV platforms as a way to get closer to their customers.

“That’s a great place for marketers and advertisers to be is in the advanced TV model.

“We expect it to continue to grow, when we look at companies like Samsung, Hulu, Adobe, who’ve made huge investments around programmatic, and so that you can bring your data to the table and advertising those channels.”

Advanced TV data represents 5% of spending on data alongside traditional analog channels and other digital channels, according to IAB. But it is growing fastest.

Pivot to first

Richardson says brands have been investing in the technology platforms required to make the pivot to first-party data.

That means using signals provided by real known users, with permission, rather than crumbs pieced together from around the internet, often without their express consent.

That means “everything from data hygiene, investment into DMPs (data management platforms) as well as investment into CDPs (consumer data platforms) as first-party data becomes more important”, she says.