SAN FRANCISCO– Accuracy is everything when it comes to consumer data. In an interview with Beet.TV, David Oliveira, vp of media vertical partnerships at TransUnion explored how their precise date has given them a tremendous advantage in addressability.

TransUnion aims to develop solutions for the connected consumer in mind. They have a comprehensive and accurate data set around identity, combined with audience solutions to create addressable interactions for partners to have with their consumers. As a credit reporting agency first, Oliveira explained their advantage working in media.

“What we’re bringing to the table for media companies is this idea of identity and audiences that are brought together underneath that TransUnion umbrella,” Oliveira says.

The company works with first-party data to gather an accurate understanding of who the individual is in order to create more precise engagements.

“If you think of the heritage of TransUnion as a credit reporting agency,” Oliveira says. “We can’t use the data from the credit reporting agency, but we can acquire data and validate it against that data set. TransUnion then has a large aggregated set of identifiers and data assets at the PII level, and we can make that available through the appropriate channels for media companies.”

This can mean providing media companies with predictive audiences from a modeling perspective or helping them combine audiences to make available to their ecosystem partners.

As far as addressable, Oliveira believes that TransUnion’s role is to power confident, addressable interactions. The accuracy of their data set is what ensures that partners can reach the consumer in the most specific and engaging ways.

“The reality is if your data is not accurate, you can’t have an addressable conversation that will bear fruit,” Oliveira says. “We think it’s really important that that’s powered by an accurate data set to enable the ecosystem to do all the things that connected consumers are really looking for.”

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