SAN FRANCISCO– Cadreon’s customer-first approach is based on addressability and measurement across all channels thanks to their activation of data. In an interview with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Nancy Hall, senior vice president of programmatic, east at Cadreon, details how they are using this data and how the industry could approach it going forward.

Cadreon uses LiveRamp as a data source, and clients are using this data in a number of different ways. Many are using it to re-engage lapsed consumers or to increase the frequency of purchase from existing consumers. Others are utilizing data to build a lookalike model in order to extend the reach of an audience and find more that look like the best consumers and also sometimes to suppress consumers so that messages can be more controlled to them.

“I think that the most important aspect of addressable is that we have the ability to control frequency,” Hall says. “That’s critical, because as consumers, we want a good experience, and as a brand, we want to ensure that those consumers feel positively about our messaging and our brand. Therefore, controlling for frequency, especially across multiple channels, is critical.”

Hall believes that there needs to be some consumer education around value exchange. It’s up to the industry to inform them that in exchange for relevant advertising, they need to know more about why companies collect data and how they protect it.

“I believe that a full-fledged education is key,” Hall says. “Especially today as legislation like CCPA arrives and consumers read that legislation without truly being aware of that value exchange and what they’re getting as the exchange for their data.”

As far as this legislation, Hall is excited that the industry is in a position where they’re offering consumers transparency and can protect their data. It doesn’t come without its anxieties though. First, there’s a lack of understanding from the legislators and voting base on what the industry actually does with data and why they do it. Secondly, multiple states legislating on privacy is not tenable for companies to be able to comply with.

“We can’t expect that a company can operate efficiently and effectively to comply with fifty different policies,” Hall says. “My belief is that we strongly need a single voice and one policy that governs privacy across the United States.”

Hall feels confident, however, in the accuracy of Cadreon’s data sets. They gather it from Axium, so it is ethically sourced, privacy-compliant, and they can ensure that they’re messaging the intended audience.

“We’re in a good position from that standpoint,” Hall says.

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of  RampUp, LiveRamp’s summit for marketing technology in San Francisco. This series is co-sponsored by LiveRamp and ZEFR.