SAN FRANCISCO, CA — The concept of custom ad personalization has been around for many years, with more-recent crystalization around the idea of “dynamic creative optimization” (DCO).

Often, ad buyers decide they want to swap out elements of an ad when they can see a consumer close to the point of purchase.

But that is changing, says one executive whose company facilitates the capability.

“When brands started using personalization, it was primarily lower funnel activities. … conversion-oriented – (for example), somebody saw a product, (so) show them the same product and most likely they will convert,” says Diaz Nesamoney of Jivox, whose technology enables omni-channel multi-version personalization for ad creative.

“But increasingly I think brands have shifted their thinking to saying it’s not just about converting a consumer, but it’s also about making them engage with the brand in a relevant way.

“People buy an SUV for different reasons. We’ve seen great lift, even when you’re just doing brand awareness and significantly more so when you’re trying to convert them.”

Nesamoney says attributes like location, weather and humidity can play a huge part in building a picture of a consumer, in order to understand to whom to target a customized ad..

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