SAN JUAN, PR– After conversations at the Beet Retreat in San Juan, Evan Hovorka, the director of business development at Roundel, thinks that brand needs could be more front and center. On stage with Beet.TV’s Jon Watts, Hovorka says that 15 years at Target has made his thinking brand-centric.

“As a brand, I’m trying to achieve my goals of getting my message out there, finding things that resonate with my customer,” says Hovorka. “The thing I think we can bring is that brand perspective, connecting brands to their goals.”

Roundel, Hovorka says, is a good partner for brands because it can connect brands with the right customers, with linear and digital ad exposure connected to actual sales. While he’s aware that brands also need creativity to reach customers, Roundel’s connection to sales adds something extra.

“Here’s a new Lego piece, I’m excited to bring that and help them recognize that value,” he says.

That said, to be better brand partners, Hovorka says that tech companies should have humility. Not every solution is right for every brand, and there needs to be a clear value exchange for the added cost of taking on new tech partners. “Fat” in the tech stack isn’t a good solution for anyone, Hovorka says.

“If you truly had to be efficient and could see the crystal ball, there are things you could remove. That might mean you don’t get to play in this place or the brand doesn’t need it. Finding an appropriate tech stack means you can believe in the message,” he says.

This video was produced  at the Beet Retreat San Juan 2020 sponsored by 605, DISH Media, NBCU, Roundel & Tubi.   For more videos from the series, please visit this landing page