What is advanced television for, really? During Advertising Week New York, a panel heard how, through its Samsung Ads unit, Samsung is providing data on what its Smart TV owners are viewing to enrich advertising opportunities.

Panelists debated how, thanks to technology that can observe eventual viewer outcomes like sales or clicks, and link them back to initial ad exposure, advanced TV can not only target viewers, it can provide brands with effectiveness indicators.

Proving effectiveness

Michael Scott – Samsung Ads head of sales, brand

“One of the things that we’re hearing a lot is the ability to prove out the ROI.

“Whatever that key indicator might be, to show that television as a medium – sight, sound, motion, emotion and colour – really works to build brands, to move cases, to build relationships.

“You can prove it now.You bring that digital to life.”

Business growth

Vinny Rinaldi – Head of Addressable Media and Technology at The Hershey Company

“Big brands live and die by an ROI number.  The simplest way of effectiveness is revenue-due-to-media. In my opinion, I’d rather drive revenue as a business. The ROI is just an equation off of it.”

If it ain’t broke…

Tim Spengler – president, M1 US at Dentsu Aegis Network

“This just sounds like such a no brainer. Why (aren’t) people aren’t moving faster? You have those two things that are working against the change….

“Everyone starts every conversation with ‘cost and my CPMs are going to go up’.

“I just think it’s stupid. (Many brands think) that, ‘because my TV’ (advertising campaign) is ‘working’ … let me go fix something that isn’t working’.”

Sharing knowledge

Shoba Subramanian – Director, Global Media & Platforms CoE at PepsiCo at PepsiCo:

Subramanian said she aims to share knowledge about the emerging platform throughout her large organization.

“I was blown away by the AVOD (advertiser-supported video-on-demand) stats. Just to see that number is quite, quite eye-opening. It’s really a matter of permeating that knowledge and empowering the brands as we continue to do so.”

This video was produced at the Samsung Ads Leadership Forum during Advertising Week, 2019.   It is sponsored by Samsung Ads.   For more videos from the event, please visit this page.