They are two of the most talked-about terms in the new digital advertising landscape.

But what is the state of “identity graphs” and “people-based marketing“, really?

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chad Engelgau, Global Chief Data Strategist and Head of Client Management at IPG Mediabrands, explains.

Identity graphs: “Identity graphs really help you anchor all of your insights into a normalised set of individuals or households or even businesses if you’re a B2B marketer, and then activate those consistently.”

People-based marketing: “People-based marketing is a fantastic term that’s sometimes conflated with somebody’s true capabilities. The most intelligent and some of the largest marketers in the world, who have been performance based for years – those who have grew up in direct marketing (with) heavy reliance on direct mail, reliance on email – they’ve always looked at people, individuals, households, all the attributes around those… they’ve always closed-loop their campaigns to the conversion data that they hold themselves.”

Engelgau arrived at IPG after 12 years with Acxiom, the data warehouse firm that sells consumer profiles and identity services to the world’s largest companies, when IPG acquired the majority of Acxiom except its LiveRamp unit a year ago.

The deal left the ongoing Acxiom focusing on LiveRamp, which is more fixed on letting brands use their own customer data in ad targeting than just buying in consumer data sets.

This video is from a Beet.TV series “Unlocking People-Based Marketing on the Open Web presented by OpenX.”   Please find more videos from the series on this page.