Direct Relationships Keep Cookies Alive: News Corp’s Guenther

Are rumors of cookies’ death are greatly exaggerated? Over the last year, you could be forgiven for thinking that technology companies’ moves to kerb the historic browser tracking technology would kill off classical advertising practices: ITP 2.1 from Apple purges most first-party cookies after seven days and blocks all third-party cookies by default, rendering device fingerprinting […]


IPG’s Engelgau On Identity & People In Marketing

They are two of the most talked-about terms in the new digital advertising landscape. But what is the state of “identity graphs” and “people-based marketing“, really? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Chad Engelgau, Global Chief Data Strategist and Head of Client Management at IPG Mediabrands, explains. Identity graphs: “Identity graphs really help you anchor […]


Email Is Under-Used And Episodic: Epsilon’s Benyo

It may date back to 1973 and have been overt-taken in the digital communication fashion stakes by Slack and social – but could email be due a comeback in marketing and communications? Of course, email marketing has remained popular throughout but, as brands got hooked on the targeting powers of digital advertising, many switched strategy. […]


OpenX’s Parsons On The Search For A New Cookie

Web publishers are losing advertising sales to closed platforms like Facebook, and may need to start operating like those big guns if they are to claw it back. So says one of the main web ad exchanges that is now moving in to the new world of audience identity solutions. In this video interview with […]


Identity Will Help Publishers Fight Platforms: LiveRamp’s Clinger

Giving publishers better tools to understand the all-over identities of their audiences is the key that will help them compete for advertisers against big tech platforms. That is the growing consensus amongst a cluster of companies aiming to use so-called “identity graphs” to help publishers fight the “walled gardens” of Facebook and Google. “People spend […]


Connected TV Must Overcome Fragmentation: Samba TV’s Bourget

The opportunity is massive, but the silos are deep. In the emerging world, there are enough possibilities and platforms that the market is becoming fragmented. Marc Bourget wants to bring it back together. Bourget is product management VP at Samba TV, a tech platform which helps advertisers approach the new world of connected TV. “All […]


OpenX’s Gentry Wants Ad ‘Symmetry’ For Web Publishers

It’s the walled gardens’ world; we just live in it. That is the growing fear in pretty much all walks of society these days. None more so than in media, where, on the one hands, publishers lament the attention and time gobbled by social networks, apps and search platforms, and, on the other, advertisers grumble […]


Cadreon’s Schmidt On ‘Open Parks’ At End Of Programmatic

The advertising these days is fond of talking about the perils of “walled gardens”, the publisher platforms which don’t allow the transport of data beyond their own confines. But Erica Schmidt is more interested in “open parks”. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the global CEO of IPG Mediabrand’s unit Cadreon says “identity graph” technology […]


Email Is The Key To Advertising: Merkle’s Leger

In a world of Slack, social and video, it may be much maligned. But email, which dates back to at least 1973, could wind up being the unlikely glue of advanced digital marketing stacks. Email marketing is nothing new, of course – brands have practiced it for decades. But, somewhere along the line, marketers trying […]


OpenX ‘Tripling-Down’ On Demand Side: Leichman

One of the veteran ad-tech companies on the scene aims to continue its expansion from its supply-side roots. OpenX recently launched OpenAudience, a people-based ad exchange serving both publishers and marketers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joey Leichman, VP buyer development, OpenX, says the two-pronged approach is key. “OpenX I think has doubled and […]