Comscore CRO Chris Wilson wants clients to trust its insight on the future of advanced TV.

Comscore’s goal is to help buy-side advertisers get better results from ad measurement. Attribution is critical, says Wilson, and it’s even more critical that advertisers are operating off not just a subset of data, segmented by channel (linear TV, OTT), but a complete picture.

Comscore’s data sources are made up of 30 million households and 70 million televisions, as well as a digital consensus-based panel.

To Wilson, understanding who was exposed to advertisements from both linear and digital standpoints is a critical component of advanced TV measurement.

“That gives them the ability to effectively target their best consumers and understand who is exposed to those ads,” says Wilson. “Once we understand who is exposed to those ads, we have the ability to measure specifically what the return on media spend is. So it becomes a closed-loop system.”

As more customers cut the cord and more TV networks launch streaming platforms, having a holistic idea of who the end customer is and addressing them properly across channels is going to be table stakes for advanced TV advertisers.

“What’s key to understand today is to be able to manage the touchpoints of consumers across all the platforms that advertisers can understand what combination of platforms will have the biggest impact,” says Wilson. “Ad measurement from the point of addressable, OTT, linear campaigns and how all those work together to provide results for customers is number one.”

This video is part of a series of interviews conducted during Advertising Week New York, 2019.  This series is co-production of Beet.TV and Advertising Week.   The series is sponsored by Roundel, a Target company.  Please see more videos from Advertising Week right here