Fox’s Callahan: OpenAP Will Add Value For All Participating Parties

As the TV landscape is changing, there are certain things that stay the same. For Fox, that constant has been the habit of watching sports live, which has given the network the ability to engage an audience of millions during appointment viewing, an increasing rarity in programming. “It’s designed to be watched live, it draws […]


Streaming Is in the Age of Acceleration: Pluto TV’s Morganstern

The key to Pluto TV’s value proposition lies with its 18 million monthly viewers who spend 185 minutes per session. These are cord cutters and cord nevers, says Harold Morganstern, svp and head of national sales at Pluto TV, and the service is able to give clients access to these customers that they might not […]


Entercom’s Lagana: There’s an Audio Renaissance and Brands Are All In

Entercom’s acquisition strategy is solidifying its position as a leading force in podcasting and podcast advertising. Having acquired Cadence 13, a podcast network, and Pineapple Studios, which specializes in both original and branded content, Entercom is riding the “renaissance in the audio space,” according to Ken Lagana, evp of digital sales and strategy at Entercom. […]


Marketers To Benefit From Big Retailers’ Data Chops: Furious’ Swartz

The biggest retailers on the block may have stolen a march when it comes to using data for smarter marketing – but soon others will get to benefit from that lead. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, the owner of a software platform powering supply-and-demand advertising data for media companies observes a shift. “If […]


How Machine Learning Helps Advertisers: AdTheorent’s Lawson

There is a lot of talk about machine learning in marketing these days, and a lot of vendors beginning to offer the capability. But how does ML work in advertising, and what can be gained? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jim Lawson, CEO of one vendor offering the technology, explains. “Whatever your business goal […]


Ericsson’s Emodo Uses Carrier Data To Clean Up Mobile Inventory: Moskowitz

If digital ad buying is becoming a world of fragmented silos, how about falling back on something that all players have in common – the infrastructure underlying it all? That’s what Ericsson thought when it launched Emodo in 2017. The telecommunications company’s technology powers the underlying networks of many of the world’s mobile telcos, giving […]


Cardlytics Banks On Purchase Data To Measure Ads

As the marketing world starts leaning toward valuing the end outcomes of advertising over intermediary proxies like clicks and views, nothing tells an outcome story like an end purchase. And, it seems, nothing qualifies an end purchase like raw purchase data. That is the theory according to Cardlytics, The 11-year-old, Atlanta-based company is using its network […]


GroupM’s New Majority Ready Initiative Aims to Prepare Media for More Diverse Audiences

GroupM is spearheading a new initiative to help media companies prepare for and understand America’s new audience groups and demographics as the country becomes more diverse. Speaking with Beet.TV during Advertising Week, GroupM president Gonzalo del Fa says the goal of the initiative was to re-engineer the conversation around multicultural advertising in the US. “Multicultural” […]


Privacy Measures Are Challenging Location-Based Ads: Location Sciences’ Smith

The ability of smartphones to send consumers’ locations to brands, linking up to marketing platforms, seems like a super-power – promising to make clear how an exposure to an ad can drive increased footfall to a particular store. But, whilst few people are talking about it, the world of location advertising signals is also plagued […]


Activision Puts In-Game Ads On ‘Easy Mode,’ Stringfield Says

Once upon a time, most mobile games carried ads. That was before in-app purchases were introduced. Now the landscape is a mixed economy, but one of the leading publishers, Activision Blizzard, has only just got in on the in-game advertising game. That is why its Activision Blizzard Media recently launched a new initiative aimed at […]


AI To Predict Ad Success From The Storyboard: 605’s Shirole

For all the hype, machine learning is little more than a way a computer takes a set of existing data and looks for the patterns, in order to make a call as to the likely future outcomes based on new input. That means the technology of the future will depend heavily on the outcomes of […]


How OTT Ads Get Higher Viewability & Less Fraud: MediaMath’s Fisher

Compared with some of the more troubled parts of the digital advertising ecosystem, TV has always been considered cleaner. Whilst online ad buyers, over the last few years, have wrung their hands over viewability, fraud and supply-chain transparency issues, television – if only because it has been, by definition, disconnected – has sailed on by […]


Our Environment Is Naturally Data Rich: GSTV’s McCaffrey

GSTV, formerly Gas Station TV, has a valuable piece of customer insight to share with brands. When people fill up their tanks, they tend to spend more money overall that same day, making them a prime audience for advertisements and content. GSTV is a national video platform, running in more than 200 markets with 93 […]


Ad-Supported Content on OTT Is TV Done Better: Vudu’s Blanksteen

Walmart’s video streaming arm, Vudu, is flexing its shopper marketing data to better match advertisers with its video audience. According to Vudu vp Scott Blanksteen, it’s what brings “power to the platform.” Shopper marketing data from Walmart – which includes customer purchasing and behavior data around habits like who buys Coke and who shops for […]


Brand Safety and Customer Trust Are Key to Good Advertising: Verizon Media’s Lucas

Verizon Media’s data strategy is built on customer trust. The company, which owns media titles including Yahoo News, Yahoo Sports, Huffpost, TechCrunch and Engadget, has content at scale second only to Google and ahead of Facebook, according to Jeff Lucas, Verizon Media’s head of North American sales and global client solutions. That positions it between […]


The Tipping Point Has Happened for Linear TV: Tubi’s Rotblat

Tubi doesn’t just see itself surviving the streaming wars, it sees itself winning. Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer of the free, ad-supported movie and TV streaming platform, told BeetTV during Advertising Week that the streaming wars help Tubi “greatly.” As more platforms launch, like Apple’s streaming network and NBC’s Peacock, more people will cut the […]


TrustX, Publishers’ Own PMP, Is Trading More Than $10M: CEO: Kohl

Three years after it set out to create a digital advertising supply chain platform that set out to ease publishers’ worries, trade association Digital Content Next‘s own private marketplace is now facilitating more than “eight figures” in ad sales, according to the man running the non-profit organization. Over the last few years, a growing number […]


How ‘Deterministic TV’ Will Drive Ad Outcomes: 605’s Levine

If you are in the ad targeting game, it helps to know who your viewers or readers are. Traditionally, TV has suffered from inadequate knowledge about those viewers. The industry has come to call this “probabilistic” targeting. But its flip side, “deterministic” targeting, promises to give advertisers more accuracy by using real viewer data to […]


Predictions For ‘Predictive Marketing’, From Deloitte’s Paris

What if AI could perform many of the functions of modern marketing? That future is coming in to view. Today, technology’s ability to collect and interpret vast quantities of data means marketers are swimming in reports, often leading to insights which can inform recalibrations in strategy. But the emerging possibility of “predictive” technology, underpinned by […]


Brands Are All In On Podcasting: Acast’s Serrander

Podcast listenership has exploded – Acast COO and president Oskar Serrander says that 90 million Americans listen to podcasts every month – and brands are starting to ride the wave. Acast, launched in 2014, is a global podcasting network that serves as the gatekeeper for brands and agencies to the podcasts it hosts, which have […]

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