The biggest retailers on the block may have stolen a march when it comes to using data for smarter marketing – but soon others will get to benefit from that lead.

Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, the owner of a software platform powering supply-and-demand advertising data for media companies observes a shift.

“If you look at the big box retailers like Walmart, Target… these guys have always been on the forefront of how to use data,” says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp.

“They know their consumers better than any other sector. And ultimately they’ve used that data not just to drive revenue and to drive business outcomes. They’ve used it to create an experiential experience within their big boxes.

“People come in, they feel known, there’s a sense of identity. They’ve threaded that through to actually how they look at purchasing behaviour. And then most importantly, they’ve shared that data… particularly with Roundel launching a new platform for data-driven television and ultimately offering a data product to enable that. What is so interesting is they are willing to share it.”

Swartz was speaking after Target’s in-house media agency Roundel partnered with Disney Advertising Sales to offer disney’s TV advertisers data about Target shoppers’ behavior.

Marketers who buy ads on a Disney channel, such as ABC or ESPN, will be able to see if their ad spurred product sales on a Target shelf, AdAge reported.

The partnership will involve both online purchase and brick-and-mortar purchase data.

This video is part of a series of interviews conducted during Advertising Week New York, 2019.  This series is co-production of Beet.TV and Advertising Week.   The series is sponsored by Roundel, a Target company.  Please see more videos from Advertising Week right here