The UK’s leading commercial TV broadcaster is steadily gathering more data with which to target ads for its own online audience.

Now it is taking that ability up a notch, with a two-way partnership with an ad-tech platform helping it go one step farther.

The broadcaster, which airs Downton Abbey and Coronation Street in the UK, recently picked Amobee as the platform through which it will distribute its digital ad inventory.

The UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster, ITV announced an exclusive UK and Ireland licensing agreement with Amobee for end-to-end programmatic buying and selling of premium video inventory on its VOD catch-up service, the ITV Hub.

“We’re seeing increased demand for more addressability … the ability to really target individual viewers based on the data we have on those viewers,” says Steve Bignell, ITV advanced advertising director, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“We’ve got 29 million registered users on the ITV Hub and we collect a lot of data about themselves, about their consumption behavior, and we can allow advertisers to target those people really granularly within our content.”

Bignell says the deal with Amobee is a “pretty unique partnership”.

“It’s going to really drive .. programmatic enablement …  ease of (ad) purchase,” he says. “It’s about enabling our buyers, be those media agencies or clients, to easily be able to access the fantastic inventory that we have on the ITV Hub.

“The Amobee ad stack really helps us to bring up the data we have at ITV, the pretty unique first party data we have. Bringing that to bear, again, easily for our advertisers.”

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