NCC Media is “working fast and furious” on becoming the hub for television networks to make their national advertising time addressable, says David Kline, who is President of Spectrum Reach and EVP of Charter Communications.

“We are aggregating all our addressability, not just for the two minutes an hour we sell to our local national spot buyers but soon national networks like AMC or USA Network, or pick any network, will be able to come to NCC and be able to make their national time addressable on our platforms,” Kline says in this interview with Beet.TV at the recent VAB Direct To Success event in Manhattan.”

NCC is the national TV advertising sales, marketing and technology company owned by Comcast, Charter Communications and Cox Communications. Three months ago it expanded into digital ad buying so as to be able to deliver cross-screen campaigns across linear, VOD, addressable TV, digital video, display, social media, out-of-home and mobile, as Multichannel News reports.

“We’re going to make it very easy for networks to be able to make their inventory, the fourteen or twelve minutes an hour, addressable using our two-way interactive platform,” Kline says.

“Right now they can all do it on our digital feeds and on our set-top box dynamic ad insertion, our Spectrum TV app where they can do streaming on linear addressability or even VOD on our streaming apps addressably.”

With the bulk of ad impressions being on linear TV, “Coming soon you’ll be able to buy literally our full footprint, which could be up to fifty, sixty million households addressably on linear as well as on demand as well as on demand as well as on streaming.”

Kline says the local TV marketplace has changed dramatically in the last few years because of viewing data and infrastructure.

“Part of what we’re trying to do with the VAB is to take some of those wonderful things that we do locally and apply them nationally to our national network partners. And we’re working fast and furious on that. NCC is going to be the hub of that. More on that in the coming months.

“It’s really a great time to be in local advertising.”

This video is from a Beet.TV’s coverage of the VAB’s Direct to Success summit held on June 12 at Viacom in New York City. Please visit this page for more segments.