In 2019, all the marketing talk is of combining data and connectivity with TV and the potential mass audience, creating a targeted rich advertising opportunity.

But Minneapolis-based Marketing Architects has working on the next generation of TV ad for more than two decades now.

The independent agency was founded by Chuck Hengel in 1997 to create TV campaigns for businesses looking to reach major milestones.

Now, Hengel thinks TV can be used to power two very different kinds of marketing goal.

“I think you really should look at TV from two perspectives,” he says in this video interview with Beet.TV:

  • “I think there is a move for short-termism, performance marketing, the immediate effect from TV, and that certainly is a huge impact that TV can have.
  • “But I don’t think you want to lose what’s the brand building effects of TV. Those traditional things that TV’s been the best channel for, outside of word of mouth, at moving those metrics.

“The challenge is, how can you do both of those in the same type of campaign today? If you can do that, you’re going to get far more benefit from TV than if you just look at it as a brand channel or as a performance channel.”

In the last couple of years, as broadcast media have become connected, Marketing Architects has gained new super-powers.

A partnership through which it utilizes TVSquared, a technology company allowing brands and agencies to measure and optimize TV ad campaigns, is a driving factor.