Democratizing TV Advertising With AI: David Kline On Spectrum Reach’s Game Changer

For some, TV advertising is an expensive, labor-intensive prospect that takes a heavy investment on production as well as distribution. David Kline thinks it could take minutes. In this video interview with research analyst Joanna O’Connell for Beet.TV, Kline, President, Spectrum Reach & EVP, Charter Communications, explains how his company is using AI to help […]


Charter’s Comscore Investment Boosts Census Future: Kline

How do you rebuild your media measurement infrastructure for the cross-platform, impression-based future whilst simultaneously servicing your debt? If you are Comscore, you take a strategic investment round. That’s what the measurement giant just did, taking an investment from Charter Communications, Qurate Retail and Cerberus Capital Management, which will jointly take $204 million convertible preferred […]


Spectrum Reach’s Kline: Linear and Digital TV Now Pushing Back on the Duopoly

With linear TV and digital colliding, the role of multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) has required fraternizing with the enemy to some degree. In conversation with VAB CEO Sean Cunningham at the Beet Retreat in NYC hosted by Horizon Media, David Kline, executive vice president of Charter Communications and president of Spectrum Reach, explains that […]


‘We Have the Best Data in the Business’: Spectrum Reach’s Kline

David Kline, the EVP of Charter Communications and President of Spectrum Reach, knows that his company is playing catch up to ad tech. But he’s confident that now, his company has “the best data in the business.” “I’ll tell you why,” Kline told Sean Cunningham, CEO of VAB, in conversation with Beet.TV at the Beet […]


NCC Media Creating National Addressable ‘Hub’ For TV Networks: Spectrum’s Kline

NCC Media is “working fast and furious” on becoming the hub for television networks to make their national advertising time addressable, says David Kline, who is President of Spectrum Reach and EVP of Charter Communications. “We are aggregating all our addressability, not just for the two minutes an hour we sell to our local national […]


Addressable TV Framework Can Add Value To Network Inventory: Charter’s Kline

Ben Tatta recalls the early days of addressable television experiments at Cablevision as “really just 100,000 households in Brooklyn” New York. Now there’s more than 35 million homes nationwide capable of receiving addressable ads, but David Kline, who gave Tatta his start at Cablevision, says it’s not enough. “National advertisers don’t want 40 million. It’s […]


As It Scales Addressable TV, Charter Tests a Self-Serve Ad Platform

Armed with more precise viewer insights, cable television providers are well positioned to help not only their advertisers but their network affiliates as well by raising the value of their inventory. “So the days of us confronting each other I think from an advertising standpoint are over and I think we really are going to […]