CANNES — In 2019, “brand safety” is still a watchword for ad buyers who want to place their ads against the right kinds of content, and not get tripped up by cringeworthy juxtapositions.

That is why MediaMath, a digital ad-buying platform, has just teamed up with IRIS.TV, a video technology vendor, to provide a “sentiment score” brands can use in their buying decisions.

“It’s better for the buy side, ensuring there is a brand safety and relevancy component to where they’re buying video content through my pipes,” says MediaMath’s Mike Fisher, head of advanced TV and video, in this video interview with Beet.TV

So, what is IRIS.TV? As a starting point, the LA company’s technology is already deployed on many broadcaster and publisher sites, for which it uses natural language processing to automatically add and structure video metadata.

That data now also signals the context of videos to ad buyers, and IRIS.TV even allows buyers to buy ads right in its own publishers’ video units.

“We’ve partnered … to allow our clients to leverage their technology, which scores video content, a brand sentiment about that video and really be able to leverage that for advertising using a DSP workflow,” Fisher adds.

“A client is able to say, ‘if I’m looking to advertise an electric car, find the right video content to be placed adjacent that maybe talks about why electric cars are better’.

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