If finding disparate television audiences can be compared to the process of creating a cake, right now there’s no foreseeable cap on the number of layers that might accrue. This is because the current big push is to deliver incremental advertising reach and frequency using a variety of platforms and data providers.

In this interview with Beet.TV, MODI Media’s Garrett Winkler talks about the growing practice of “layering on” viewing data and how cross-platform measurement needs to advance.

Like other business units, GroupM’s MODI Media is helping advertisers gain incremental reach and frequency against priority audiences by working with data companies like LiveRamp and Experian. Connected-TV viewing insights are being augmented with smart-TV ACR data “to get at those who are either underexposed or unexposed from a potentially linear television schedule,” says Winkler, who is Director, Connected Television Lead.

Where the industry is hoping to go is in unifying cross-platform measurement solutions.

“So we’re not just measuring linear TV and connected TV, or connected TV and a digital video buy. I think those things really need to come together and we need to do a better job of showing that to brands and expressing that.”

One of the more formidable hurdles is the fragmented marketplace, according to Winkler.

“We’ve seen a number of publishers wanting to sell directly, and then also at the same time sell programmatically and then also make their inventory available to aggregators or networks or even device partners,” Winkler explains.

“Where we want to work is using connected TV as a way to find that incrementality and drive incremental reach, or additional frequency where we know a brand’s customers are more likely to convert.”

He sees a future in which there will be more layering on of “personalization or dynamic creative.” This would give brands and agencies the ability “to go to the same publishers or content producers that they know and love as consumers and they’ll be buying broadly, but they’ll be able to deliver personalized messages to different groups of their customers.”

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