Over-the-top TV services are booming, and marketers are scrambling to understand how a new world with so much ad-free subscription TV can add up to an opportunity for them.

But, in that sizeable portion of OTT which remains ad-supported, an emerging strain of strategy thinking is this – OTT doesn’t just offer hope of precise audience targeting, it allows marketers to close the loop with purchase attribution.

At least, that is what Sargi Mann hopes. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the ad agency Havas’ VP and EVP of digital strategy gets excited about the potential innovation.

“How does viewing an ad in a digital environment then make me walk into a store in the physical world and buy something that I’ve seen?,” she asks. “The ability to analyze and measure that, that is the holy grail that everybody wants.

“Sixty percent of the people who watch any OTT content have admittedly said that they look up products that they see when they’re viewing the content. That, to me, is the power of the mechanism still there.

“(I like) the ability for a marketer to understand that identity graph from point A to point Z … with a partner like Amazon, where the moments we are spending on that platform, whether it’s for buying or for consuming content… leveraging those insights and those behaviors to see how the product moves.

“But applying that principle not just within Amazon but outside of it, how does viewing an original series or a network series on Hulu change a consumer’s behavior or affect a consumer’s behavior on what they do next? ”

This video is part of a series about the emergence of OTT as an advertising platform. For more interviews, please visit this page. This series is presented by Premion.