After taking the year off in the aftermath from hurricane Maria, we are headed back to Puerto Rico for the seventh year of our executive retreats on the Caribbean island.   This year we will will be at the newly re-opened, icon El San Juan Hotel.

It will be an incredible three days of intense sessions, tapings and networking.  Lots of discussion about advanced TV and the imperative for the entire ecosystem to focus on “consumer first.”

We are delighted to announce our first presenting sponsor in Nicolle Pangis and her team NCC Media, NCC is the enormous advanced TV sales consortium of Charter (Liberty), Comcast, and Cox Communications.    More partners will be announced soon along with our keynote speakers.

In addition to our conversations of what’s happening in the States and globally, we will be joined by our colleagues in the San Juan media community. In partnership with Hearts & Science and GroupM, we will explore  innovative strategies  for the island and its media industry.  This program will include master classes at the University of the Sacred Heart and teen mentoring at the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.  These activities are optional and will happen in the afternoons when the Retreat sessions are finished for the day.

Why is the Beet Retreat so special?  Take it from these Retreat veterans Andre Swanston, CEO Tru Optik;  dataxu CEO Mike Baker; Omnicom research chief Jonathan Steuer’ and 4C’s Chief Product Officer Anupam Gupta.  We spoke with them last month in New York at our Beet Retreat in City program.

El San Juan Hotel

We are committed to Puerto Rico.   We  hope that our presence on the island will be a voice of support as it recovers and innovates for the future.  Please be a part of that.

To get more information, to request an invitation and to explore partnerships opportunities at this event, visit this  page.  And you can call always email me.

Best, Andy

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