When some brands advertise, they place their money on a particular channel, believing it to be useful for a particular kind of goal – brand-building, or sales-generating.

But Kristin Dolan would like advertisers to get out of that siloed mindset. The former Cablevision exec, who jointly set up 605 to bring better ad insight to TV buyers, says the new age of advertising can support multiple goals.  She discussed this during a fireside chat with Rob Norman at the Beet Retreat earlier this month in Manhattan.

“It’s a mix, it’s a media mix,” she says. “To say, ‘I’m going to do digital instead of television’, or ‘I’m going to do television instead of digital’, or … ‘I’m going to do subway or outdoor instead of digital’ … you have to really look at the entire mix.”

That’s why 605 last month launched a new product to help brands do just that. Called Impact Index, it aims to be a scientifically-based approach for measuring the impact of TV advertising on both branding and sales – essentially, uniting both the top and bottom of the marketing “funnel”.

“The goal is to help people understand the comprehensive marketing mix, so that it’s not just about sales, but it’s about brand, and building the brand out, so that when you are trying to drive people to an actual behavior you can get there,” Dolan says in this interview for Beet.TV.

605 has already been helping brands go further with their ad insights, Dolan said:

Nissan: “The brand resonates favorably with Hispanics. So we look at what Nissan is doing with their media schedule, and they do focus heavily on utilization of Hispanic networks for their media.”

AT&T: “We looked at AT&T, and they really had, they had a propensity, where people were much more inclined TVLAND viewers versus some of the other Viacom networks. They spend a ton with Viacom, they don’t advertise on TVLAND.”

Walmart: “What we were able to do is look and really see if the people exposed to the reputational ads, did their favorability increase? Then we took it another step. We were actually able to determine that the people that were exposed to the ad, their reputation perception increased, and also their spend in store increased.”


This video was produced at the Beet Retreat in City & Town Hall on June 6, 2018 in New York City.

The event and video series are presented by LiveRamp, TiVo, true[X] and 605. For more videos from the series, please visit this page.