Beef jerky is a good example of products not suited to broad-based television advertising, which is why the family owned Jack Link’s brand opts for more precise audience targeting.

“For us, it goes back to the simplicity of understanding the consumers really well,” says the company’s VP of Brand Marketing, Tim Goldsmid. “As a small advertiser company, we have to do that better than larger companies. We don’t have the scale.”

Smaller brands “need to be very clear about what it is you want to accomplish, and then once you’ve got your media plan together or your plan of attack, you want to make sure you’re measuring and learning,” Goldsmid explains in this video interview with Beet.TV taped last week at the Cadent & one2one Media UpFront event.

Jack Link’s identifies specific needs and then matches up the appropriate consumer targets with the most appropriate media channels. “We do a lot of measurement and read on the back side and then scale from there. So we have a lot of little tests going on to see how we can connect with consumers and then move it forward from there,” says Goldsmid.

If the chosen medium is TV, Jack Link’s will shoot “multiple amounts of content and then we’ll optimize and get feedback. We have a partner that can tell us which spots or which creative is running, whether it be digital or TV, and then we optimize from there.”

One of the brand’s partners is Cadent “because they bring a solution that allows us to be much more efficient in the marketplace that we couldn’t get if we weren’t working with a partner like them. If we were going straight to networks.”

By working with Cadent, Jack Link’s is able to localize because Cadent buys media on the local level and offers “different solutions and products that allow us to go into different markets.”

Having worked with other small brands, Goldsmid says it’s all about testing, learning and then scaling.

“You need to basically be scrappy and push your agency or partners to find different solutions, like a Cadent, like other partners that are out there,” he says. “Because it’s not a one size fits all solution anymore. There are very different ways that you can put your marketing model together.”

This video was produced at the Cadent & one2one Media UpFront 2018 industry summit. You can find more videos from the series here. The sponsors for this series are Cadent and one2one Media.