NCC Media Hopes Its National Addressable TV Push Will Fuel The Spot Market

While NCC Media’s newly announced division will work to advance the national addressable television market, it will employ the same principles—better data, targeting and measurement—to grow the spot TV business. “It’s important to point out that NCC’s traditional business in the spot marketplace is not going to go anywhere,” says Andrew Ward, VP, Comcast Media […]


New NCC Media Unit’s Goals: Scale, Consistency And Simplicity In National Addressable TV

When it launches in June, the new and as-yet unnamed division within NCC Media has three goals for the national addressable television marketplace: Scale, data consistency and simplicity. “From a scale standpoint, it’s critically important that we get beyond the boundaries of any single provider,” says Andrew Ward, VP, Comcast Media 360. NCC Media is […]


one2one Media A ‘One-Stop-Shop’ For National Addressable TV Scale

Every brand looks at the television business differently when trying to target specific audiences. But when they consider addressable TV advertising all of them see “a very fragmented marketplace,” says one2one Media President Mike Bologna. “We’re a one-stop-shop for national addressable scale,” Bologna adds in this interview with Beet.TV. “We package everything together.” To improve […]


Addressable Adds Transparency To Television, Says one2one Media’s Power

That addressable television will increase from 63 million cable and satellite households to 70 million by the end of 2018 is a big number. But behind the scenes, smart TV’s have the potential to optimize addressable campaigns in-flight. These trends will help to change the TV business “more in the next two years than it […]


Cadent Ramps Up Local Broadcast As Complement To Cable TV Inventory

What do you do when you’re the “800-pound gorilla” aggregating advertising inventory from some 200 MVPD partners? In the case of Cadent, you extend your reach to local television broadcasters to become a one-stop shop. As advertisers increasingly seek better audience targeting and efficiency, “The marketplace has kind of come our way,” says the company’s […]


Evolution Of Addressable Mirrors That Of Advanced TV: Cadent/one2one’s Troiano

Heading into this year’s television Upfronts, advanced TV targeting will become a bigger part of conversations between buyers and sellers, as it will a year from now. “A corollary to that is so will addressable,” says Nick Troiano. “We have knowledge and capabilities to essentially put dollars to work over three-, six-, twelve-month campaigns like […]


Test, Learn, Scale Is Jack Link’s Approach To Television Targeting

Beef jerky is a good example of products not suited to broad-based television advertising, which is why the family owned Jack Link’s brand opts for more precise audience targeting. “For us, it goes back to the simplicity of understanding the consumers really well,” says the company’s VP of Brand Marketing, Tim Goldsmid. “As a small […]


VideoAmp’s Prasad On The Evolution Of Programmatic TV

The upfronts, the season in which US TV companies tout their upcoming roster to advertisers, is now in full-swing. But do things look any different this year from previous years? One key question on everyone’s lips, according to one ad-tech exec: “Will audience-based and cross-screen transactions become a key part of how the upfront negotiations […]


Progress Of OpenAP, NCC Media Helps Solve Fragmentation: MAGNA’s Anson

With advertisers still in the “test and learn phase” with advanced targeting of television audiences, NBCUniversal joining the OpenAP consortium “will really move OpenAP’s momentum forward towards a more usable tool that advertisers will want a part of,” says Julie Anson, Associate Director, Partner Innovation, Advanced TV MAGNA Global. Currently on the sell-side, there’s too […]


GroupM’s Schwartz: Addressable TV A Growing Complement To Mass Reach

Even as the availability of addressable television advertising continues to grow, delivering more precise audience targeting, it will likely always be a complement to traditional mass advertising efforts. In the meantime, it’s bringing TV to brands with targets heretofore too small for spending on the medium and providing valuable targeting insights, according to Lyle Schwartz, […]


NBCU In OpenAP Means More Scale, Standardization: Initiative’s Bosetti

NBCUniversal’s decision to join the OpenAP audience-targeting consortium one year after its creation is a positive move that “gives us even more scale to buy and transact on from an audience standpoint,” says Maureen Bosetti, Chief Partnerships Officer at Initiative, IPG’s global communications agency. “Certainly the more partners that join OpenAP the more it allows […]