Even as new data sources continue to emerge, there’s not going to be a “magic bullet” that will enable television advertisers to figure out cross-screen reach and frequency. At the heart of the challenge lies consumer privacy, according to Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C Insights.

“We have to continue to make steps forward in being able to ensure that we can tell marketers whether they’re reaching five different people across five different touch points or one person across five different touch points,” Neuhauser says in this interview with Beet.TV.

“And we need to be able to do that with a high degree of confidence.”

4C Insights’ mantra is to “empower marketers to behave more like consumers, which is multi-screen, multi-formatted,” Neuhauser adds while attending the Advanced Advertising Summit.

Whereas digital has long been considered a data-driven medium—owing to the availability of addressability, targeting and measurement—TV is on the move to close the gap.

“We knew it had premium, brand-safe environments. Now we finally get to see just how far down the funnel TV actually goes.”

Last year’s linkup between 4C and NBCUniversal, which made all of its linear inventory available via self-serve, programmatic buying on 4C’s platform, is an example of serving thousands of ad buyers “that are constantly looking to find their audience wherever, whenever they might be available to a brand message,” Neuhauser explains.

Publishers “want to be able to leverage their inventory, their audiences, the value propositions that they have to be able to once again stand in front of the marketer and say ‘you should be putting more money into my platform not less.’”

While the data ecosystem continues to evolve, a “hot topic” is the privacy compliant extraction of consumer data, according to Neuhauser.

“It puts the consumer right at the center to ensure that their information is being used appropriately and is only providing them back with better experiences, wanted experiences.”

While datasets continue to emerge, some will have to work together. But even then, complications will loom large.

“It requires a significant mathematics, significant amount of data science to be able to mesh some of these walled gardens, again at an audience level, so that it continues to improve the experience but also ensures that privacy is at the heart of all decision making,” says Neuhauser.

In the meantime, 4C will continue to “push the envelope on measurement and attribution so that marketers can continue to evolve their understanding of who they want to reach and when they want to reach them.”

This video was produced at the Advance Advertising Summit in New York.   Please find more videos on this page from the Beet.TV series presented by 4C.