Innovation, Determination and a Business Class Upgrade: My Chat with Lance Neuhauser, President of Mediaocean

Very happy to welcome to the podcast Lance Neuhauser, a visionary leader and a great guy. Lance has a fascinating background as a veteran media agency executive at Omnicom and in recent years, as a pioneering entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of 4C Insights.  Last year,  the company was sold to Mediaocean where he now […]


Unlocking the “Five I’s” of Omnichannel Advertising: Mediaocean’s Neuhauser

CHICAGO – Omnichannel marketing has become more challenging as viewing habits change, especially amid the disruptions of the coronavirus pandemic. With more people consuming media on smartphones and through connected TVs, marketers must quickly adapt their strategies to reach their most likely customers. It’s helpful to remember the “Five I’s”  when it comes to omnichannel […]


4C’s Neuhauser On The Evolution Of Ad-Tech Fees

Over the last couple of years, there has been a lot of talk about an end to the historic ad pricing model in which intermediaries took a share of inventory traded. Instead, the idea went, ad-tech platforms would need to charge a simple flat monthly fee. We may be far from a full industry conversion […]


Consumer Privacy At The Heart Of Audience De-Duplication: 4C Insights’ Lance Neuhauser

Even as new data sources continue to emerge, there’s not going to be a “magic bullet” that will enable television advertisers to figure out cross-screen reach and frequency. At the heart of the challenge lies consumer privacy, according to Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C Insights. “We have to continue to make steps forward in being […]


Addressable Inertia Not Stopping Advertisers: 4C’s Neuhauser

By many accounts, there are now around 45mn US households which can receive so-called addressable TV ads, those targeted at the individual household level. But that’s fewer than half the total number of TV households, and getting here has been a slow slog. Yet the inertia is not stopping advertisers from embracing opportunities around TV targeting nevertheless. […]


Four Reasons 4C’s Neuhauser Is Taking A $26m Investment

COLOGNE — Last year, 4C Insights of Chicago bought itself a leg up in the fusion of social and TV advertising, by acquiring TV monitoring outfit Teletrax from Civolution, to know what’s airing when and where. Now the online ad targeting outfit is tooling up for further expansion, by taking a $26m series C investment from Kayne […]


Traditional TV Still Best Way To Sway Consumers: 4C’s Neuhauser

A big societal shift is going to force advertisers to use TV advertising to break through with consumers – but that won’t happen if the extreme use of data and targeting makes TV ads more like internet ads, warns the boss of ad tech company 4C Insights. “There’s a bit of both conversation and concern that TV […]


How Addressability Will Change TV Ads: 4C’s Neuhauser

So-called “addressable TV’, the ability to deliver personalized TV ads to individual households, is set to revolutionize the business – if only it can get off the ground in earnest. “There’s a lot of talk about addressable TV. The market is trying to look for what is real,” comments digital ad group 4C Insights‘ CEO […]


4C’s Neuhauser Helps Brands Understand 1.5bn Consumers

CHICAGO — If you haven’t yet heard of 4C Insights, the data science company that just acquired Teletrax, the scale of insights it is processing suggests you soon will. The Chicago-based company is helping advertisers better understand how to target users of social networks by comprehending their response to brands, interests and media behaviour. “We look at […]


4C Insights Acquires Teletrax to Drive Addressable TV Ad Decisioning

CHICAGO — The latest incarnation of a leading TV-synced online ads enabler is coming in to focus, with the announcement, by ad data company 4C Insights, that it has raised funds to acquire Teletrax, aiming to beef up its activities in social and TV advertising. “We’re playing aggressively in the decisioning process for addressable TV and we’re […]