ORLANDO – Not that long ago in the media business, 115 years of legacy publishing experience wasn’t an oft-cited attribute in the battle with the digital upstarts. But with trust at a premium, ensuring you can deliver it along with ad-tech capabilities and advertising guarantees gives you more than a fighting chance despite your age.

Like other publishers, Meredith both partners with and competes against Facebook and Google. What differentiates Meredith is the roots of its own brands coupled with ad tech prowess and those guarantees of ad performance, according to the President of its National Media Group.

“We are trusted brands that have been around for 115 years, and it takes a long time to build that brand equity,” Jon Werther says in this interview with Beet.TV at the Masters of Marketing conference of the Association of National Advertisers.

Doubling down on the value of connecting its brands with those of its advertisers, Meredith is in the second year of its Brandfront—in which it highlights video content partnerships and original cross-platform programming initiatives. The company’s content leaders range from Liz Vaccariello at Meredith Parents Network to Stephen Orr at Better Homes and Gardens to Martha Stewart.

Werther says there’s been a shift in the consumer mindset over the last year “where the consumers we serve are really looking to regain control. They’re looking to make things happen. They’re looking make a difference. They’re looking to lead healthier lives.”

At Brandfront 2018, Meredith announced a new live video series partnership with Rachael Ray that will launch in 2018; showcased a new travel and fitness television show with renowned trainer Rebecca Kennedy; and unveiled results of a new accountability study for the pharmaceutical category under its Meredith Sales Guarantee program.

“We guarantee a lift in sales for our strategic partners,” says Werther. “We’ve done more than 70 campaigns and we haven’t missed one yet.”

In addition to brand safe editorial environments, Meredith boasts of reaching 110 million women every month, 70% of all millennial women and 70% of all Latino women.

This video is part of a Beet.TV leadership series produced at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference, 2017. The series is presented by FreeWheel. Please find more videos from Orlando, visit this page.