Advertisers Want Agility & Insight: Meredith’s Borsa

If there is one word that has defined how media companies and brands have had to respond to COVID-19 in 2020, it is “agility”. Across the industry, advertisers have had to quickly alter their messaging. But the need for agility also extends to publishers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Alysia Borsa, chief business and […]


‘Bigger Than Google’: Meredith’s McCreery On Rebooting Media Sales

The TV industry is embarking on a shift, from the historic method of measuring and selling TV eyeballs using rough “gross rating points” (GRPs) to selling on real viewership, by digital-style impression. Whilst that may seem like a challenge, given local TV’s patchwork nature, Patrick McCreery isn’t daunted. “The reality is, a lot of the […]


Twitter Success Pushes PeopleTV To Launch “Chatter”

As media companies, Meredith and Bloomberg may seem to have little in common. But the lifestyle publisher has just taken a leaf out of the business network’s playbook – by launching a new streaming video partnership on Twitter. At the same time as turning its PeopleTV in to a full24-hour linear TV channel through FuboTV, […]


How Meredith’s Schenck Works With Platforms, Beyond Headers

It took only a few short years of “programmatic” advertising for a new sub-variant, “header bidding”, to come on to the scene. But one publisher thinks that technology, which lets ad sellers entertain bids from multiple demand source simultaneously to achieve higher yield, should not be talked about as a distinct product. “Header itself, overall, […]


Trusted Brands And Advertising Guarantees A Good Recipe For Meredith: National Media President Jon Werther

ORLANDO – Not that long ago in the media business, 115 years of legacy publishing experience wasn’t an oft-cited attribute in the battle with the digital upstarts. But with trust at a premium, ensuring you can deliver it along with ad-tech capabilities and advertising guarantees gives you more than a fighting chance despite your age. […]


Meredith Advertisers Can Measure Live, Real-World Results

Did your target customers visit your store after clicking your ads this morning? That’s what lifestyle publisher Meredith is promising to advertisers, using technology from Nielsen. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Meredith programmatic sales and strategy Chip Schenk says the company, which publishes FamilyCircle and AllRecipes, has extended a five-year partnership with the media measurement house for a […]


Programmatic Ad Rates Will Be Higher Than Direct: Meredith’s Schenck

When programmatic ad trading entered the marketplace in the form of real-time buying from open online ad networks, many publishers feared it would devalue their inventory. But, slowly, publishers have begun to exert controls to keep pricing higher than that. Now rates could rise higher again, one exec says. “Publishers put their inventory in too quickly and didn’t […]


Meredith Experiments with Native Ads

Meredith is expanding further into native video ads, and has plans to roll out more in the coming months, says Laura Rowley, VP of Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group, a media and marketing company serving women, in an interview with Beet.TV. The media company focuses four types of video ads: pre-roll, […]


First-Party Data Helps Meredith With Video Content Strategy

First-party data is critical to deliver video content to the right audiences, says Laura Rowley, VP of Video Production and Product for the Meredith National Media Group, a media and marketing company serving women, in an interview with Beet.TV. Meredith has grown its video viewership in the last year to 30 to 40 million views […]


Meredith Marries Mobile Video And ‘Helpful Marketing’

CHICAGO — Fresh from its deal to run Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings magazines, Family Circle publisher Meredith is busy melding utilitarian content and opportunistic commerce for its legions of followers. “We have seen about a 100% increase on mobile – everything we produce, we’re thinking mobile-first,” according to the company’s video production and […]