MIAMI – When it comes to what’s next in TV, Google’s goal is to operate as an open platform for future of TV. “We enable buyers and sellers to activate on data, to support direct deals, and to support programmatic in a seamless and efficient way,” says Jennifer Koester, Director Telco and Video Distribution at Google, in this panel session with Beet.TV, led by Ashley J. Swartz CEO and Founder of Furious Corp.

At the Beet Retreat, Swartz led a deep dive into the future of TV advertising, especially as it relates to data and measurement.

Key players in the TV advertising landscape are looking for a unified system that pulls in legacy TV, over-the-top and digital and lets marketers and providers plan and optimize against that, Koester says during the discussion.

To get there, the industry needs to take risks on media, new measurement and new integration. “We need to push the envelope and go out of traditional measurement and try new things. Get new measurement for some campaigns. We are working with advertisers to get some insight on a correlation of media with sales. . .it’s not an overnight solution,” says Kevin Patrick Smith, Senior VP at Comcast 360 Media. “But I love working with partners who will work with us and will change the game.”

One of the biggest questions for the future of TV and digital advertising is what sort of backend measurement can enable standardized metrics. “You need to allow for standardized data modeling that lets you drive the transaction for operators, programmers and advertisers,” says Art Minnaugh, Senior Business Development Manager, Adobe Primetime.

Understanding audience data consistently cross the customer footprint is key to Charter, says Rob Klippel, SVP Advanced Ads and Strategy at Charter. “That’s the foundation to everything we try to do. For us, that’s to drive capabilities to let us become more efficient marketing partners for our advertisers, to turn around media campaigns and media plans, and to help them accomplish their goals and have the data to prove that out.”

This panel was conducted at Beet Retreat 2016: The Transformation of Television Advertising, an executive retreat presented by Videology with AT&T AdWorks and the 605. Please find more videos from the event here.