Around the world, TVs are getting connected to the internet. And that means big new possibilities for the ways in which advertisers can reach viewers.

For one, internet targeting capabilities support the delivery of individual ads tailored to specific households. It’s a theory that was a long time coming, but now the reality is hitting.

“Now’s the time,” Neustar business development director Lock Dethero tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “There’s over 40m (US) households that you can target through addressable TV, via dynamic insertion in to set-top box or video on-demand.

“The demand is coming. We have advertisers calling us that want to repurpose their audiences from digital in television. A lot of the time, it’s the exact same audience.”

Dethero’s Neustar is an ad-tech company offering data management platform, customer data intelligence, marketing analytics, activation, compliance solutions and fraud detection.

But what’s holding addressable back at this point? Certainly, there are many more households left to light up. But also the route to those households is a patchwork of small pieces. Finding reaching across each can be hard.

“The key is scale,” Dethero reckons. “What we’re seeing from at least one major advertiser in the automotive space is that, in order to create an effective program in addressable TV, you want to work with lots of platforms – not just the ones on set-top box, but OTT, too.”

Fortunately, Dethero hints that greater reach is coming next year. “We’ll see more MVPDs – one in particular will come to market maybe as soon as early next year to expand the complete reach that’s achievable,” he adds. “A rising tide raises all ships.”

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