Since unveiling its Audience Engine platform about five months ago, Experian Marketing Services has created more than 1,200 audiences for addressable television campaigns. While addressable TV is limited in scale, the data involved are being used to help inform national campaigns.

“It’s always going to be one part of the media mix. But the beauty now is that you’re able to get true ROI on television advertising that just wasn’t available before,” Jay Stocki, Experian’s SVP of Product & Data Strategy, says in an interview with Beet.TV at the annual IAB MIXX conference in Manhattan.

The Audience Engine platform deterministically links and matches data in a unified, automated platform for targeting, execution and measurement of addressable ad campaigns. Nearly 50 million households can be targeted. “We could be watching the same program in houses next door to each other and the ad is different based on the demographics of our households,” says Stocki.

Additional multichannel video programming distributors “are realizing they need to get into the space so they are working to upgrade their infrastructures,” he adds.

Targeted audiences for addressable TV also can be pushed to some 25 media partners with which Experian has a direct relationship, including AOL, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo. “So where a user signed in, we know exactly who they are,” Stocki says.

Shortly after the launch of Audience Engine, Experian joined with Neustar to offer expanded activation options across direct match partners in addressable media channels, including mobile, display, email and TV. “Now we can get that extensive reach to truly do some great cross-channel advertising,” says Stocki.

Addressable TV reaches 50 million households now and available cable inventory is limited to two minutes of every hour. Nonetheless, the learning from addressable campaigns to date is being put to good use.

“It’s the perfect entry point into any media mix modeling of your campaign because you can now understand the results,” Stocki says. “You can use that to model how should I do any sort of zone-level buy that over-indexes” and to inform national buys.

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the IAB MIXX Conference, 2016, presented by The TradeDesk. Please find additional videos from the Conference here.