A big societal shift is going to force advertisers to use TV advertising to break through with consumers – but that won’t happen if the extreme use of data and targeting makes TV ads more like internet ads, warns the boss of ad tech company 4C Insights.

“There’s a bit of both conversation and concern that TV is going to move all the way down the funnel and be a direct-response medium,” Launce Neuhauser tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “(That) negates one of the biggest benefits that TV has, which is its ability to reach large audiences and change brand preference.”

Neuhauser says advertisers are going to need TV – but the reason may surprise you.

“People are actually having babies at a slowing rate compared to the generation before – the amount of new consumers coming in to market is lessening,” he observes. “The biggest (ad) spenders are having a harder time continuing to grow. They’re going to have to reach and retain their current customers. They’re going to have to reach new customers and change their brand preference.”

Neuhauser says that’s what the scale and reach of TV excels at. So why throw the baby out with the bath water?

Programming Note:  He will be a speaker at the Beet.TV executive retreat next week in Florida.