Turner’s Howard Shimmel On Audience Buying And The OpenAP Road Map

With all of the change happening in the television world, it’s nice to have professional sports in your portfolio. It’s one of few things “that’s keeping the old traditional ecosystem healthy,” says Turner Broadcasting’s Howard Shimmel. But it’s also nice to stay ahead of the audience targeting curve by using data science to analyze viewing […]


NBCUniversal’s Aaron Radin: Self-Serve Deal With 4C ‘Juxtaposes’ Linear TV And Social Media Ad Inventory

NBCUniversal’s self-service programmatic buying offering powered by 4C achieves a few milestones in the linear television world. Among the biggest is that advertisers will be using the same buying console that they already use to target audiences on major social media platforms ripe with video ad inventory. The deal with 4C “allows us to juxtapose […]


Target Will Be First To Use NBCUniversal’s New Self-Serve Ad Placement API

Stepping up its digital advertising game against Facebook and other platforms, NBCUniversal is rolling out a self-serve way to buy ads in some of its top shows. Target will be the first to bypass NBCU’s sales structure and place ads directly via an application programming interface to target audiences based on the retailer’s consumer data. […]


Traditional TV Still Best Way To Sway Consumers: 4C’s Neuhauser

A big societal shift is going to force advertisers to use TV advertising to break through with consumers – but that won’t happen if the extreme use of data and targeting makes TV ads more like internet ads, warns the boss of ad tech company 4C Insights. “There’s a bit of both conversation and concern that TV […]


How Addressability Will Change TV Ads: 4C’s Neuhauser

So-called “addressable TV’, the ability to deliver personalized TV ads to individual households, is set to revolutionize the business – if only it can get off the ground in earnest. “There’s a lot of talk about addressable TV. The market is trying to look for what is real,” comments digital ad group 4C Insights‘ CEO […]


TV-Synced Ads Plugged In To 4C Platform

COLOGNE – The TV-synced social advertising technology Beet.TV has reported on for the last couple of years has had a long and winding road. Started by Teletrax, it was later wrapped up in to Philips’ Civolution, before being renamed Teletrax, which was last month sold to digital ad group 4C Insights. Now 4C has fully integrated […]


How Brands Can Reach Rivals’ Audience via The Second Screen

This year, all the hot advertising talk is about the linking of planning, targeting and buying for TV ads and ads on handheld internet devices. For TV viewers distracted by touchscreens during commercial breaks, Teletrax has been gaining attention for allowing brands that are advertising on the living room big screen to also buy ads on social […]


4C’s Neuhauser Helps Brands Understand 1.5bn Consumers

CHICAGO — If you haven’t yet heard of 4C Insights, the data science company that just acquired Teletrax, the scale of insights it is processing suggests you soon will. The Chicago-based company is helping advertisers better understand how to target users of social networks by comprehending their response to brands, interests and media behaviour. “We look at […]


4C Insights Acquires Teletrax to Drive Addressable TV Ad Decisioning

CHICAGO — The latest incarnation of a leading TV-synced online ads enabler is coming in to focus, with the announcement, by ad data company 4C Insights, that it has raised funds to acquire Teletrax, aiming to beef up its activities in social and TV advertising. “We’re playing aggressively in the decisioning process for addressable TV and we’re […]