COLOGNE — Soccer is big in Germany – and that means soccer is watched a lot, not just on traditional TV but also on new online TV services. That’s what the satellite and telco operator Sky Deutschland is discovering in its multi-platform online viewing service brand, Sky Go.

“If you look at the Bundesliga, for example, we already have 15% of the total viewing on Sky Go, and about 20% of the total viewing of the Champion’s League on Sky Go,” according to Peter Meininger, the head of projects and digital products for the company’s Sky Media ad sales division.

That popularity is fuelling upcoming monetisation efforts that will deploy new ad technology.

“As we have these huge peaks in live football, the next project we are working on is dynamic ad insertion,” Meininger tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “We want to replace the linear ad blocks from TV and fill them with digital video ads.”

Sky in Germany just took on FreeWheel as its ad server software.

Whilst, in the UK, Sky has already launched the ability for advertisers to buy household-targeted ads on live TV in the living room, under the Sky AdSmart service, its German counterpart is farther behind.

“In two or three years’ time, we want to be there, too, offering addressable TV in Germany. Sky UK is further down the road than we are,” Meininger says. “The market is more mature in the UK.”


This video is part of series of Beet videos produced at DMEXCO, presented by FreeWheel.   For more videos from the series, please visit this page.