COLOGNE — Many operators out there are busy launching initiatives to super-target digital TV viewers. But, when you’re a telco with paying subscribers, you’d better be sure you don’t do anything that annoys your paying customers, says a Belgian quad-play provider.

“As a telco, we see our users not only as an audience, we see them foremost as customers,” according to Koen Delvaux, the consumer innovation head of Proximus, an operator serving both Belgium’s French- and Dutch-speaking regions.

When we look at what targeted advertising can do for TV, we not only look at how we can earn money with it, but we also look at how is it going to make a better experience for the customer. Will it be a better advertising, a type of advertising they like? Will they be able to choose their own advertising, or the mix between advertising and content?”

To that end, Proximus is piloting use of ad tech software platform FreeWheel to deliver its video ads for clients.

“We have approached a number of media partners to see what scenarios they want to test with regard to targeted advertising,” Delvaux adds. “Some of these scenarios will be online, some will be on set-top box, some in linear TV, some in delayed viewing.


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