LONDON — Like most technologies, so-called “programmatic” sales of online video ad inventory first took hold in the US. Now it is gathering pace across the pond.

“We’ve seen … 40% more demand in the UK from Q1 to Q4,” according to video ad tech outfit TubeMogul’s UK MD Nick Reid. “We’ve also seen a 20% increase in CPM prices. Different regions are at different stages of understanding.

“We’re starting to see broadcasters like Channel 4 embrace the concept of automation. They’ve opened up their VOD to to automation – not yet linear but, it is the first iteration of automated trading.”

Reid says different regions around the world are at different stages of understanding when it comes to adopting programmatic automation.

“Programmatic TV won’t be an instant reality in markets like the UK because there are nuances when it comes to broadcast and supply,” he says. “However, broadcasters are starting to embrace the data they have in a way that can enable advertisers to be more specific when it comes to reaching target audiences.”

We interviewed him as part of the series The Road to Cannes, our lead-up to the Cannes Lions Festival presented by Coull.   Please visit this page for additional segments.