Slowly but surely, television is opening up to the “programmatic” ad sales revolution that has happened in online display and video. What are some of the biggest inhibitors?

One factor is lack of a common, open format for audience targeting data, says Havas Media channel investments EVP Melissa Keller.

In an interview with Beet.TV, she targets “getting standardization of the metrics we’re looking at and going beyond one (provider’s) ecosystem.

“They’re only optimizing within their set. That’s great if the core customer’s watching those seven networks, but I watch more than just those seven networks.”

For multi-platform advertising sales software firm Invision’s CEO Steve Marshall, a big problem to making programmatic TV happen is complexity and fragmentation.

“Programmatic’s biggest challenge moving in to the audience buying world is, how do I manage my inventory,” he said? “Before, I had very standard day-parts that I sell and every advertiser fits in to that.”

We spoke with them this week at a taping of industry titled Why TV Advertising Will Never Be the Same. The event was co-produced at AOL in partnership with Beet.TV. They were interviewed by Dan Ackerman, Senior VP of ONE by AOL. For more videos, please visit this page.’