It’s taken some time to convince them, but advertisers are now on-board and enthusiastic for the various ways “programmatic” ad-buying can help them better target and automate their messages.

Havas Media channel investments EVP Melissa Keller says her agency has gone from “seeding” experiments with clients last year, to implementing full-on “roadmaps” this year, in an interview with Beet.TV about the future of TV advertising.

And multi-platform advertising sales software firm Invision’s CEO Steve Marshall agrees: Two years ago, we were reaching out to our customers … (their reaction) was, ‘Run to the hills, get away from this as fast as I can’. Tn the last six months … that’s changed quite a bit. They’ve said they have to invest. everyone is taking it seriously.”

“Programmatic” techniques have shaken up the online display ad sales market. Now it has arrived in online video. Mainstream TV roll-out is harder still, but many think specific implementations will happen eventually, albeit not quite in the same guise as online programmatic.

“It’s not going to be for a while,” Keller says. “What we push is, it’s going to be data-informed television. If there is an ability for television to move from demography  to audience buying, we need to dive in.”

Marshall thinks cable operators will begin better leveraging the customer data they own through their set-top boxes to offer better targeting capabilities. They were interviewed by Dan Ackerman, Senior VP of ONE by AOL.

We spoke with them this week at a taping of industry titled Why TV Advertising Will Never Be the Same. The event was co-produced at AOL in partnership with Beet.TV.  For more videos, please visit this page.’