FORT LAUDERDALE — What works in online video advertising, and where is it going to work best? Emotional content, and on Facebook, according to one company which measures the virality of digital video spots.

“This year, we think Facebook is going to be the big winner – Facebook is going to just explode in terms of video consumption,” says Richard Kosinski, president of Unruly Media.

He should know – Unruly, which produces the Viral Video Chart, tracks how videos are watched and shared on the web.

Kosinski, previously a Quantcast and Yahoo exec, predicted Super Bowl advertisers would ditch 2014’s leaning toward comedy in favor of nostalgic messaging. That’s because “emotional ads are twice as likely to be shared”, says Kosinski, whose Unruly also indexes video success by emotional content.

He was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat.

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