FORT LAUDERDALE — To spread their messages across so many different kinds of marketing channel these days, advertisers are going to have to create spots for more formats than just standard, 30-second TV ads. Fortunately, that is now beginning to happen, says Innovid CTO and co-founder Tal Chalozin.

“In order to really apply sophistication on the creative side… you need multiple permutations of a given spot,” he says.

“We’re seeing more and more brands understanding… they have multiple channels … so we’re seeing an influx of more content being produced and … (they) understand what is means to create multiple variations of your spot to deliver different msgs.”

Chalozin’s New York-based Innovid is an advertising technology company that helps agencies deliver video ads that are not just digital but interactive. Innovid ads encourage pointing, clicking and mouse roll-overs by viewers, with the idea being to expand engagement rates.

He was interviewed at Beet.TV’s annual executive retreat.

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