COLOGNE — Some digital media transitions aren’t that pronounced and TV isn’t such a problematic medium after all, says one of the leading ad agencies’ top digital thinkers.

“It’s very easy … to take a view that the fast-streaming, uninterruptable, buffer-free, over-the-top experience is the actual experience of humans at large – it turns out not to be the case,” GroupM chief digital officer Rob Norman tells Beet.TV in this panel discussion with LUMA Partners co-founder and CEO Terence Kawaja, recorded at DMEXCO.

“People’s preoccupation is producing 4K experiences now, (but) the number of people in even in the United States and Europe capable of consuming those is a fraction of the ambition of those people that are making them.

“The alleged inefficiency of television is somewhat overstated.  The broadcast age facilitated enormous simultaneous reach and proved to be profoundly effective in changing consumer behavior and building brands.

“We’re dealing with the biggest revolution we’ve ever dealt with now. This is even bigger than black-and-white to color. But we handled that well – and I think we’ll do fine this time.”

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