COLOGNE — At the recent DMEXCO advertising conference, mobile real-time bidding exchange Nexage told Beet.TV mobile media were “still in the early ages”. Today, the company took a step forward, by agreeing to be acquired by mobile ad group Millennial Media  for $107.5 million.

Announcing the deal, which MediaPost also reported, Millennial says it hopes to “create a full-stack solution that enables us to open the flow of impressions, operate a leading independent exchange, and maximize the yield for our publishers”.

At DMEXCO, Nexage’s Europe MD Todd Tran told Beet.TV in this video interview: “The biggest misconception in the market is that people are on the go while they’re on their mobile devices. The biggest chunk of usage is at home.

“There are long-form videos being consumed at home or the office or in dead time. We do expect the smartphone to be the dominant screen.”

This video is part of series of videos covering DMEXCO.  Please find all of our coverage of the show right here.