LONDON — Programmatic online advertising control techniques have become popular in web channels; now broadcasters and video operators are ready to shed scepticism toward the technology, says an exec with a bird’s-eye view of the market.

“Increasingly, the community is appreciating that programmatic is premium,” says video ad tech firm Videology‘s Head of Global TV Strategies, Rhys McLachlan. “The alternative is manual – manual is very labour-intensive.”

“Television broadcasters who, up until this point have been reluctant, … are beginning to appreciate the benefits. Any progress that is made will be baby steps – but they are starting to engage. We’re on the cusp of being able to develop the market. We’re on the threshold of something very exciting.”

We spoke with him as part of our series titled “The Road to Cannes,” a preview of the Festival and an overview on the state and future of digital media by a range of thought leaders. The series will be published over the next four weeks.  The series is sponsored by Videology.