Innovid has, for the last couple of years, developed its iRoll format – pre-roll video ads that let viewers click and engage with content more than simple 15- or 30-second linear spots.

Now it is opening up its platform in a bid to recognize the many, many ad tech vendors in the video chain and to ramp up the number of ads it can power.

“The best solution will not come 100% from us,” says CEO Zvika Netter of the revamped Innovid Atom platform. “You can choose your own vendor.

“We’re not saying ‘we’re the best at developing everything’ – were going toward a partnership model. That means realising all our APIs and allowing other vendors to interact with our system. We’re also going open the system potentially to competitors to run their product across the platform.”

Examples include allowing agencies to bring other third-party ad verification platforms to bear on ads served by Innovid. Next up, is integrating cross-platform management tools, Netter says.

Netter was speaking to Beet.TV  at the BrightRoll Video Summit. You can find more coverage of the BrightRoll summit here.