SAN FRANCISCO — These are heady days when an advertiser starts making TV shows to sell ads – but they are headier still when they plan to sell those ads programmatically.

In February, Group M announced it will co-produce a sport documentary series, My Side Of The Sky, with Hulu.

“There’s not enough good content out there to align brands with,” Paul Dolan, global business development SVP of Group M’s data unit Xaxis, tells Beet.TV.

“We’ll partner with big video publishers and develop content together … so that we can draw advertisers in to these publishers and match these advertisers to our brands. Hulu is just one of those examples. (We will) co-create a series that will create a ton of great premium content and we’ll be able to then audience-target that programmatically to our brands.”

We interviewed Polan at at the Beet.TV programmatic TV summit presented by, where he was a speaker.  Please find our coverage of the summit here.