Programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll is integrating its systems with Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange, enabling buying of video ads on Google’s YouTube via “programmatic” methods from the BrightRoll end.

“The DoubleClick bid manager has been a buyer on our marketplace for over a year – now we’re becoming a buyer in their marketplace,” BrightRoll CEO and founder Tod Sacerdoti tells Beet.TV.

He says the connection means “the best of both worlds”, offering DoubleClick’s inventory via BrightRoll’s ad platform.

Separately, BrightRoll also says it is plugging two video measurement metrics, Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings and comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials, in to its platform to help advertisers plan using additional key performance indicators.

We interviewed Sacerdoti at the BrightRoll Video Summit in New York.

Disclaimer:   BrightRoll sponsored Beet.TV coverage of the event.