How Apple Benefits From IDFA Change: Washington Post’s Albergotti

SAN FRANCISCO – Apple may have delayed its proposed change in its IDFA iOS ad toolset – but the switch, when it comes, will nevertheless have profound implications. The Identity for Advertisers component of the mobile operating system is how advertisers can gather and connect aspects of app users’ identifier. Apple has been due to […]


Washington Post CRO: Subscription Model Means More Engaged Consumers for Advertisers

CANNES — If you thought that putting up a news paywall shut out advertisers, think again. Time after time, newspapers which have made the switch – at least, the big ones – have hailed a stronger offering for advertising brands, not a diluted one. That has been one discovery of Joy Robins, four months after joining […]


AI Could Be Utopia Or Dystopia: Washington Post’s Top Tech Exec Prakash

PHOENIX — The Washington Post’s in-house, self-built software line-up already numbers some products that lean on artificial intelligence. But the unit called Arc Publishing thinks the future is going to be orders of magnitude different – for better or for worse. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Shailesh Prakash, Washington Post CIO, outlines the evolution from […]


Washington Post Rides Amazon’s AWS Elemental To Serve Broadcast: Prakash

PHOENIX — Since it started seven years ago, The Washington Post’s in-house, self-built software line-up has grown in size and in customer base. Now it is being used by a whole new industry – broadcast. Products under the Post’s “Arc Publishing” studio include many more than when Beet.TV last wrote about Arc two years ago: […]


Washington Post’s Jarrod Dicker: AI Benefits Journalism And Advertisers

CANNES – Lost in the headlines about so-called fake news is the reality that artificial intelligence is making things better. But it’s not lost on Washington Post. “I think the way we think about AI is how to strengthen our journalism,” Jarrod Dicker, Washington Post’s Head of Commercial Product & Technology, says in this interview […]


The Washington Post Emerges As a Tech Platform

When Jeff Bezos acquired The Washington Post in 2013, we knew the paper was about to become a lot more techy. Indeed, Beet.TV has already chronicled how the Postbuilt its own in-house ad server (Prizm),software to write better headlines (Bandito) and a semantic software analysis tool (Clavis). That may sound like a departure for a […]


WaPo Happy Not Taking Facebook Traffic, Revenue Chief Says

CANNES — Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday, in which it said it would prioritize updates from users’ friends and family over those from news organizations, has caused a shudder in media land. Many publishers have spent the last few years locked in a pattern to acquire social followers, and to distribute content on social platforms, in the hope of […]


‘Ad Blocking Is Good For Us’: How the Washington Post Wrestles With Choice

MIAMI — The Washington Post says it is trying hard to show ads that don’t suck – it’s other people’s ads that are the problem. WaPo made headlines late last year, when, like some other publishers, it began serving a range of responses to users running ad blocking software – from email captures to subscription invitations. “At […]


How Innovation, Editorial Expansion is Driving Success at the Washington Post, Jeff Burkett explains

MIAMI — What has Jeff Bezos ever done for print? Transformed the fortunes of the Washington Post, for one. Since acquiring the paper in 2013, the Amazon CEO has put money in to journalists, video and new technologies, with the result that the paper overtook The New York Times for unique users last December, according to comScore. Now […]


Bezos Drives Data-Driven Audience Profiling: WaPo’s Stevens

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post in 2013, many wondered what influence the technology executive would have on the historic newspaper. One answer is now evident – data. The lid was recently lifted on Clavis, a software project at the Post in which algorithms analyze, understand and categorize the content of news articles. That […]


The Washington Post will “Lead” with Video on Story Pages

PALM SPRINGS, CA –  The Washington Post, which has ramped up video production around its video hub called PostTV, is going to increase  video production and will “lead”  with clips in article pages across the newspaper’s site, says Kevin Gentzel, Chief Revenue Officer, in this interview with Beet.TV. Gentzel joined the Post in May of […]


WaPo Wants To Spread Its Video Around The Web

VIEQUE, PR — Last summer, the Washington Post newspaper launched its news video brand PostTV. Since then, the publisher has spread it across other places including Roku, Ouya and Chromecast. This opening up of video is key to WaPo senior video editor Andrew Pergam. “We know a lot of people want to see video in context- […]