Marketers are moving from thinking of their brands as a transaction destination to engaging consumers wherever they happen to be, says one ad veteran exec.

“Marketers, back in the day, wanted to drive traffic online,” Vibrant Media global accounts and marketing SVP Ariff Quli tells Beet.TV during the Consumer Electronics Show.

“The goals have changed for marketers. It’s less about that ‘one-stop, shop click’ – it’s about expanding upon more of a relationship with your consumer, a deep relationship that’s more of a romantic style to really engage the user. That’s what’s really key to this year.”

Quli’s Vibrant Media has certainly seen it all. Founded in 2000, the company is best known for its InText ad format, turning web text in to hot links to brand destinations. Nowadays, those keywords can expand in to full-page brand takeovers, too.