LAS VEGAS — Digital content data provider Rovi is preparing to reboot its recommendations offering in the next few weeks.

The Rovi Recommendations Service uses metadata describing the content viewers are watching to make suggestions for similar next content to consume.

“Our recommendations product will be relaunched this quarter,” company product management VP Priya Rajagopalan tells Beet.TV. “The 2.0 version combines analytic techniques with our deep editorial expertise and multilingual capabilities.”

Studies show consumers are more likely to consume content when it is appropriately recommended. Rovi offers such a service to digital video operators, along with data, program guide and other products. Details of the upgrade are not yet known.

Also on Rovi’s roadmap this year – global expansion. “We’re in 55 countries today – we’re going to 70 by the end of 2014,” Rajagopalan says at the Consumer Electronics Show.