LAS VEGAS — As part of its focus on “adaptive marketing,” Mindshare has been on the hunt for technology firms to pair up with that can help it deliver content in real time for brands, says Colin Kinsella, CEO of Mindshare North America, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. “We are investing in technology to help us understand triggers and where to participate with brands and how to react faster to content,” he says. That means looking for companies that can help create original content quickly, such as video, but also images. About 85% of what’s shared socially are images, he says.

Those sort of relationships can help Mindshare provide and distribute a range of content quickly to the market. “We are building out tools and processes to help us deliver for our clients in real time,” he says.

Mindshare also has partnerships with Twitter and LinkedIn to amplify messages. “Our clients are kind of big, we are kind of big, so we look for some smaller, quicker partners and we let scale come from partners like Twitter.”

For more insight into Mindshare’s approach to real-time marketing and how to meet client’s needs, check out this video interview.  We recorded this session at the Mindshare Client Huddle.