Non-human traffic was recently described as programmatic advertising’s “dirty little secret“. Integral Ad Science reckons nearly a third of impressions to be suspicious – up six-fold since 2011, according to comScore (via Adotas).

AOL’s programmatic video ad tech platform wants to nip the problem in the bud.

“We are fighting fraud that is generated by some publishers,” CEO Amir Ashkenazi tells Beet.TV. “We are deploying the most advanced technology and processes and people in order to fight that.

“It really hurts the advertisers that don’t get any value for their buy and the publishers that are losing part of the marketing budget for that.

“We are committed to fighting fraud until it disappears. If you look at credit cards or eBay or Google – it was a phase in the evolution of those markets that, with significant effort and technology, was solved.”

We spoke with Ashkenazi in Manhattan at the Worldwide Publisher Conference.